Anthony Amaradio Knows How to Get College Funding

Anthony Amaradio - Knows How to Get College Funding
Anthony Amaradio – Knows How to Get College Funding

 ALISO VIEJO, CA – Statistics show that the average cost of tuition has more than tripled between 1973 and 2013 and consequently, according to the Institute of College Access and Success, nearly 70% of college graduates left school with an average debt of $28,400 in 2013. While many students will receive assistance in the form of scholarships and grants, the aid seldom covers the entire amount of tuition for two-year and four-year students. Anthony Amaradio, a financial expert affiliated with Get College Funding, has a proven strategy for helping parents plan for their children’s education expenses without jeopardizing their own financial future.

Those who are familiar with the financial management industry likely have heard about Anthony Amaradio’s education curriculum, Faithful With Finances. Now, Amaradio combines the main key to financial stewardship, namely saving, with expert knowledge of grants, scholarships, and the college selection process. His affiliation with GetCollegeFunding has allowed him to gain insight into a great variety of financial assistance programs, which can be combined with savvy investment strategies, ensuring that parents support their children in avoiding a mountain of post-graduate debt. “The college admission process is complex, and understanding these processes is just as important as an adequate savings plan,” says Amaradio.

The key to getting college funding is knowledge, and Anthony Amaradio has spent his entire career learning from expert financial and legal practitioners to acquire his remarkable reputation. According to Amaradio, parents need to follow an integrated model of financial management to build wealth, and consult with an expert who can provide information on scholarships and applications. Parents must also stay on top of admissions standards such as changes to the SAT, deadlines for FAFSA and Profile Forms, and other granular details that are part of the planning procedure. “Procrastination is the enemy,” says Amaradio, “and many students end up with student loans due to a lack of planning, rather than a lack of funds.”

While college financial aid counselors can assist prospective students gain access to funds, these often come in the form of federal student loans that are attached to rather stiff penalties in cases of default, such as wage garnishment or tax refund offset. If parents are out of time and desperate to help their children pay for college, they may feel pressured to co-sign on a private student loan, endangering their own financial future and retirement. Amaradio has worked with clients in all stages of the application process, and his expert knowledge and proven methodology has allowed many families to get college funding without risky, long-term loans.

Founder and Chief Strategist of Select Portfolio Management, Inc. and Select Money Management, Inc., Anthony Amaradio has a history of producing revolutionary financial concepts for high net-worth clients. He has made a career out of demonstrating clients how to successfully build, plan, and preserve their assets. Business endeavors aside, Amaradio has inspired many clients to participate in philanthropic causes using the same wealth building strategies. Known in Southern California for his financial talk show ‘’Market Talk’’, Amaradio also supports numerous non-profit organizations across the country.

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