Anthony Amaradio – Explains Why Financial Stewardship Reaches Far Beyond Managing Money

Anthony Amaradio - Explains Why Financial Stewardship Reaches Far Beyond Managing Money
Anthony Amaradio – Explains Why Financial Stewardship Reaches Far Beyond Managing Money

ALISO VIEJO, CA – Anthony Amaradio is offering a program called “Faithful with Finances” that helps Christians to move from merely surviving to thriving and provides essential tools for individuals and churches alike. Finances and financial situations have changed drastically in today’s world – people who never knew what financial struggles were, are finding it difficult to make ends meet, and many who encountered problems in the past are now in even worse shape. “And for Christians,” Amaradio points out, “there is more to managing money than implementing practical applications. They must have faith and walk with God at all times.” With his “Faithful with Finances” courses he gives guidance to churches and their congregations on how to combine those goals and achieve optimized results in all areas.

Effective financial stewardship starts with every day spending, something that can be harder than it seems at first sight. A staggering 22% of divorces in North America are caused by “money issues”, a fact that often manifests itself in marital arguments over the family’s finances. Christian couples learn through the  “Faithful with Finances” course curriculum solutions that allow them to not only circumvent those disagreements, but to thrive together and share their growth, both personal and financial, with others in the name of God. Based on his own experience as a husband, a faithful Christian, and a successful businessman, Amaradio demonstrates that conflicts surrounding financial decisions can be eliminated, leading to harmony and contentment within a marriage, a family, and a congregation.

“God opened the door for me to follow his passion and work through the church,” Amaradio shares his story. As a result, he now shows Christians how to improve their personal situation and their financial stewardship skills. The foundation of his program consists of a number of steps to gradually work towards one’s goals. Everything starts with a clear mission statement to outline values aims to be accomplished, followed by a budget plan to meet those objectives. “From college to retirement planning, from debt management to investment – little changes can go a long way,” he reveals. The next step is finding a healthy balance between financial health and spiritual health, keeping in mind that what we possess belongs to God and we are merely managing it for him. Christians who implement all this successfully will be able to save more and give more, thus fulfilling their God-given role as his financial stewards.

 Holding an MBA with a concentration in finance and taxation, Anthony Amaradio has been a financial specialist for over 30 years, and as Founder and Chief Strategist for Select Portfolio Management, Inc., he has advised clients in all areas of financial management. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive wealth management system, Amaradio developed one of the first such models in the country. Together with his team he not only put his successful model into action, but developed and implemented some of the most sophisticated financial strategies offered today. As a result, Amaradio is a sought-after speaker invited to numerous events throughout the United States. He devotes a considerable portion of his time following his passion of philanthropy and helping non-profit organizations.

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