Anthony Amaradio is a hugely successful visionary and innovator in the financial services industry who assists numerous nonprofit organizations in optimizing their capacities to become more effective philanthropists.

logo_2Anthony Amaradio is an inspirational financial expert and a strategic philanthropist who heads two major companies, Select Portfolio Management Inc. and Select Money Management, Inc., and is actively involved in countless charitable causes.

Assisting clients in establishing, planning, and managing assets, Anthony Amaradio came to recognize the need for a comprehensive, integrated wealth management system for his high-profile clientele. This realization led to the development of a groundbreaking and comprehensive wealth management model, based on an extremely skilled pool of financial, legal, tax, and insurance professionals, who aid him in implementing and managing his innovative model. All team members are experienced practitioners and were handpicked by Amaradio both for their expertise and their dedication to financial stewardship.

As a result, Amaradio is responsible for the design, development, and realization of some of the most advanced strategies to protect financial and tax assets that are available on today’s market. He is a sought-after speaker who is frequently booked for events all over the United States and has an especially loyal fan base in Southern California, where he has hosted his own radio show, “Market Talk”, a financial talk show that aired every day for more than two decades.

Anthony Amaradio started his career in the financial services industry after he successfully graduated from University of Michigan with a BBA and then the University of Detroit, receiving an MBA with a concentration in Finance and Taxation. His talent was quickly recognized by a Fortune 500 company, which did not hesitate to extend a recruiting offer. Determined to walk down his own path, Amaradio chose the financial services industry instead, a decision that he never regretted as he quickly generated outstanding results in all of his endeavors and a stellar reputation, which allowed him to launch and manage his own firm.

Anthony Amaradio

Today, Anthony Amaradio is the proud Founder and Chief Strategist of two companies – Select Portfolio Management Inc. and Select Money Management, Inc. – where his clients benefit from his innovative visions and his never ceasing drive to always deliver “best in class” service, which includes, amongst others, the design, implementation, and proactive monitoring of clients’ portfolios.

Starting out from a rather underprivileged background, Anthony Amaradio was determined to turn his life around. Blessed by his early professional and financial success, it came naturally to him to donate considerable parts of his income to worthy causes. Over the last few years his passion to help others has evolved into a mission that he follows together with his wife Carin: Both of them devote much of their time to charitable causes and are frequently called upon by nonprofit organizations to be guest speakers and assist major donors in optimizing their capacities to become more effective philanthropists.

In 2009, the couple coauthored the inspirational book “Faithful with Much: Breaking Down the Barriers to Generous Giving”, in which they share their compelling journey from simply seeking wealth to understanding God’s heart about money and possessions. Rick Warren senior pastor of Saddleback Church says,

“Reading this book will inspire and challenge you to live generously.”

The publication has received raving reviews from readers and has lead to numerous invitations to speak at conferences around the country, where the pair talks about their personal experiences and gives technical advice on how to optimize charitable donation techniques.