Anthony Amaradio Shares Tips on Teaching Kids the Value of Money

Tony Amaradio Shares Tips on Teaching Kids the Value of Money
Anthony Amaradio Shares Tips on Teaching Kids the Value of Money

Financial expert and strategic philanthropist, Anthony Amaradio, offers parents and grandparents tips on how to instill the value of money in their children. With the right skills, habits, and perspective, kids can grow up with an inherent respect for financial resources, empowering them to be responsible for themselves as they grow into adulthood, but also teaching them how to effectively incorporate giving into their financial plan. The secret is to start early, teaching children how to actively participate in their finances and how to make wise, thoughtful decisions.

Amaradio and his wife, Carin, founders of Faithful with Finances and authors of the groundbreaking guide to financial stewardship, Faithful With Much: Breaking Down the Barriers to Generous Giving, embraced teaching others how to combine effective money management with the joys of generosity as a lifelong mission. They recognized that the link between what is taught in the Bible and real-life financial decisions is often missing and decided to step up and fill this gap. With decades of experience in the financial industry and a commitment to the positive teachings of the church, Amaradio has the ideal background to provide practical solutions to reach that goal.

It all starts with teaching money management. Anthony Amaradio shares an ingenious tactic to effortlessly make managing money fun and engaging for even the youngest kids – the envelope system. Putting money, or play money for little ones, into envelopes encourages children to be conscious of the concepts of money, its limits, and its potentials. With older children, the financial expert suggests setting up a bank account and allowing kids to keep track of their own spending and to budget their resources.

The next step is to teach the concepts of giving and saving. While he says that children may be reluctant at first, Anthony Amaradio and his family note that, “their hearts will eventually turn to joyful giving.” Simply have children put ten percent of their allowance, earnings or others sources of money into savings, and another ten percent for charity. To help make this process more engaging, kids can choose the charity or organization they want to give to, which gives them the experience of giving while they are still young, which is in itself a gift and fosters the importance of values such as gratitude, joy, and compassion.

Anthony Amaradio is a leading financial strategist who spent over thirty five years in the industry, founded two successful wealth management companies, ran a successful financial radio show for over twenty years, and now travels around the country educating people on money management and strategic philanthropy. He, along with his wife Carin, are committed to devoting a substantial portion of their time to charity and worthwhile causes. Their book, Faithful With Much, is recognized as an inspiring and practical guide to meaningful wealth management and giving.

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