Anthony Amaradio – Reveals Five Keys to Financial Stewardship for 2016 and Beyond

Anthony Amaradio - Reveals Five Keys to Financial Stewardship for 2016 and Beyond
Anthony Amaradio – Reveals Five Keys to Financial Stewardship for 2016 and Beyond

ALISO VIEJO, CA – Non-profit organizations looking to optimize charitable donations need look no further than Anthony Amaradio, Founder and Chief Strategist of Select Portfolio Management Inc. based in Aliso Viejo, CA. With an impressive history of developing strategies in portfolio design, tax planning, and asset protection, Amaradio is the best choice when it comes to comprehensive wealth management services. What distinguishes Amaradio from other financial experts is his dedication to his faith and his aim to guide Christians in financial management so that every member of the Christian community can become a viable steward of the kingdom.

The first of the five keys to financial stewardship is the necessity for a clear mission statement outlining specific values, aims, and identifying what you are trying to accomplish. Then, a plan and a budget must be formulated to meet those objectives. Anthony Amaradio offers Faithful With Finances – an educational curriculum – advising on retirement planning, debt management, investment, insurance, college planning, and more, believing that an individual does not need to change their current lifestyle for effective stewardship.

The third key is to develop a balanced, Christian lifestyle, based on the belief that financial health begins with spiritual health. “Stewardship is about understanding the temporary nature of possessions,” explains Amaradio. “Earthly resources enable us to live faithfully before God and one another, but material goods can and do, ebb and flow. God’s love, on the other hand, will never fade away or disappear.” He further elaborates that resources should not possess us, but present us with the opportunity to be a part of God’s work, to do good in His name.

The fourth key, according to Anthony Amaradio, is to save more and give more to become better stewards. This can be achieved through strategies associated with portfolio design and management, including allocating funds appropriately, the importance of investment diversification, financial planning, and tax-advantaged charitable giving. The fifth and final key in his list is to review and update a plan at least annually. This must involve the gathering and analysis of relevant data, the effective and close monitoring of such data and regularly reviewing goals as appropriate, knowing when to alter or change those goals.

As Founder and Chief Strategist of Select Portfolio Management Inc, Anthony Amaradio provides comprehensive wealth management services to affluent individuals, families, and business owners. The situations on which he advises are often complex, but with an MBA from the University of Detroit and a BBA from the University of Michigan (with a concentration in taxation and finance), a career in the financial services industry, experience in running his own firm, and an architect of successful planning strategies in portfolio design, tax planning and asset protection, he is more than qualified to handle even the most challenging circumstances.

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