Anthony Amaradio – Teaches Couples How to Agree on Money

Anthony Amaradio - Teaches Couples How to Agree on Money
Anthony Amaradio – Teaches Couples How to Agree on Money

ALISO VIEJO, CA – Founder and chief strategist of Select Portfolio Management, Inc., Anthony Amaradio, revealed that money can affect the relationships between couples who are trying to make the most of their circumstances before being perfected by Christ when they meet with Him in heaven. The financial innovator reports that money can be a source of heartache for individuals going through hard times. Therefore, couples should learn how to handle money to be able to work through their issues together.

With the help of his wife, Carin, Anthony offers advice on financial stewardship through ‘Faithful with Finances’, a ministry that teaches churchgoers how to bridge the gap between the Bible’s instructions on money and what individuals should practically do on a daily basis. To ensure that couples’ relationships do not turn awry due to financial issues, the Amaradios highly recommend establishing a savings plan. This will curb spenders in the relationship as well as define goals, which the couple should achieve. Anthony also highlights the need to pay off debts soon as their weight can affect a marriage.

In addition to offering financial advice to couples, Anthony Amaradio promotes the spiritual aspect of relationships. He emphasizes on the need for couples to show love to one another, indicating that each part understands that the other is trying their best to deal with financial challenges in their lives. Anthony also emphasizes the importance of accountability while spending as it spares couples many fights and lets them enjoy whatever time they have together. Finally, he advises couples to give together rather than separately. That way, both parts can be more grateful for what God had given them during the year. Moreover, they can find great inner joy in serving others.

In addition to ‘Faithful with Finances’, Anthony and his wife educate couples by guest speaking at related events. In 2014, the couple met with the congregations of both Harvest Christian Fellowship and the Capo Beach Church for the Marriage and Money event. In addition to sharing the common mistakes Christians make when it comes to finances, they inspired the audience on the path of stewardship, taught about the importance of communicating openly about money issues, and answered many questions on being faithful in finances. Couples and other followers of Jesus can also learn through Anthony and Carin’s book ‘Faithful with Much’. The 160-page publication reveals the authors’ journey from simply seeking wealth to understanding the Lord’s teachings about money and possessions. Using their expertise in the financial services industry, they provide practical yet biblical advice on being faithful with wealth and how to generously give portions of it away.

A visionary in the financial services industry, Anthony Amaradio has helped thousands build, plan, and preserve assets through a comprehensive wealth management model he devised. Before establishing Select Portfolio Management, he worked for a Fortune 500 company where he earned a reputation for achieving results well beyond clients’ expectations. Through his firm, he offers clients best-in-class planning strategies, especially in portfolio design, asset protection, and tax planning. Moreover, he offers valuable advice through ‘Market Talk’, a financial talk radio show that has been on air for over twenty years. However, he also dedicates one third of his time to philanthropy and non-profits, helping major donors become better and more effective philanthropists themselves.