Tony Amaradio Shows That a Faith-Based Approach To Managing Money Is Possible

Everyone should have a good understanding of their budgets and knowledge of how to manage them. According to Tony Amaradio, the key to effective management is a system stemming from faith. He thinks that only by taking a faith-based approach to money management people can be fully freed from the chains of financial hardship. Tony Amaradio is one of the nation’s leading inspirational wealth experts who teaches that careful financial planning aligned with God’s word can lead to a more fulfilling and debt-free lifestyle. 

Although biblical principles may be ancient, many are also universal and still extremely relevant to financial planning today. According to, Jesus was recorded talking on the topic of money, around 15% of the time. Jesus’s teachings on money in the New Testament lay the foundation for all of Tony Amaradio’s financial advice. Jesus speaks often about giving back to the church as well as to the less fortunate. The idea that any wealth we possess on this earth is given to us, and not ours to keep, encourages tithing and philanthropy– principles that Amaradio has always been openly passionate about. 

To further follow God’s plan for our financial health, Amaradio believes in establishing a strong saving routine that can eventually lead to smart investments. It is not only God’s plan that we should live debt-free lives, but also that we are able to grow wealth to supply our needs and to further the kingdom of God. Tony Amaradio and his wife Carin demonstrate these values in the way they live their own lives and reach out to others through their continued generosity to charities and their persistent teachings of living Godly financial lives. 

In their book, Faithful With MuchBreaking Down the Barriers to Generous Living, Tony and Carin Amaradio explain in depth what it means to build your finances around Christian principles, and the rewards you can expect from living your life according to God’s will. Through smart saving and spending wisely, the couple shows that by being faithful with money, you can grow your wealth and even more importantly, learn to give it away. Although donating funds can undoubtedly increase your level of joy and sense of purpose, The New York Times also points out that donations to charitable organizations can make a difference in the community and can also reduce the tax burden.

As the founder and chief strategist of two successful financial firms, Select Portfolio Management Inc. and Select Money Management Inc., Tony Amaradio has gained invaluable experience managing elite client portfolios. He is responsible for the creation and implementation of many effective strategies used to protect financial assets in today’s market. Tony graciously extends his knowledge to help others build financially healthy lives. The Amaradios continue to share their true passion for faith-based financial planning in conferences across the country, serving as guest speakers on the importance of putting God first in monetary decisions. 

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