Tony Amaradio Explains That It Is Easier to Manage Your Budget With the Help of Technology

There is almost no industry out there that doesn’t benefit from modern technology. This is especially true for the finance sector and for managing budgets. Renowned economic advisor and philanthropist Tony Amaradio says that FinTech is a very good tool to use. This is because it vastly improves processes and results on each end. By properly leveraging new innovations alongside their own discernment, advisors can ensure a more transparent handling of clients’ investments, while also encouraging better overall performance for their managed assets in the long term.

With the rapid integration of new platforms and the use of artificial intelligence well underway, the wealth management industry is at an important crossroads. Tony Amaradio points out that these emerging technologies should be embraced by financial professionals for several reasons, one of which is the survival of the industry itself. “Technology is do-or-die for financial advisors,” writes Forbes contributor David Miller. “It is disrupting virtually every area of traditional wealth management, from the back office to client engagement and portfolio management — It’s no longer a choice.” He continues, “advisors will need to find the most effective ways to meet the needs of tomorrow’s tech-enabled consumer.”

While the utilization of specialized technology for financial advisement is now considered essential, it’s not merely about adapting but taking advantage of the tangible benefits that are offered. A primary example is the more efficient gathering of relevant and complex data, reducing the time needed to obtain and manage data about clients and their unique needs. This information can also help to produce a more precise analysis of trends relating to their investment patterns, which ensures a more calculated approach in regard to decisions and actions involving the client’s assets. This aspect translates into a more precise tracking of investment performance as well, with improved accuracy in regard to market predictions that could potentially impact them.

FinTech developments have also cultivated new methods of communication with investors and their advisors, moving dialogue outside of the office or occasional phone calls. This is a major convenience for those who may not always have extra time for regular meetings and also offers ways for correspondence to be more efficient and direct. Additionally, the ability for clients to review information on their own schedules using online portals and collaborative tools provides them with an improved level of transparency and offers more appeal to younger investors who are used to having on-demand access to their finances.

Tony Amaradio is a 40-year veteran of the financial services industry, providing what he has coined as “best in class” service to a diverse range of clients. After graduating with an MBA in both Finance and Taxation, Amaradio’s expertise and discernment were retained by a prominent Fortune 500 company. After receiving numerous accolades in the financial services industry, he moved on to establish his own firm. Today, Tony Amaradio is the founder and chief strategist for both Select Portfolio Management Inc. and Select Money Management Inc. and is known for his radio talk show “Market Talk“. Together with his wife, Carin, they contribute to a number of nonprofit organizations, and have co-authored a revolutionary book titled “Faithful With Much – Breaking Down The Barriers To Generous Giving”.

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