Tony Amaradio – Encourages Charity Philanthropy for all Christian Companies

Before considering giving back to their community, people usually feel they need to attain wealth. However, a proper financial plan enables donations to be a company’s constant goal. Tony Amaradio encourages executives and entrepreneurs to incorporate philanthropy based on biblical teaching as a prominent component to a company’s vision.

Being generous and giving a portion of what you acquire is an important business practice. As Christians it is our duty to share any wealth and help our fellow humans. Massive amounts of wealth are not required prior to beginning philanthropic initiatives. More important is choosing causes that will have a large impact and align with personal and business goals and values. Pooling money with other likeminded Christian investors can provide massive collateral and maximize the contribution, creating powerful positive change. As well, philanthropy can involve non-monetary donations such as skill sharing, mentoring and offering free services in certain circumstances. The bottom line is to remember the bible teaches the need to equally distribute resources. Whether volunteering, matching employee donations or setting up a much larger non-profit foundation, keeping a charitable mindset in business not only increases market awareness and profitably but also ensures practices and policies are in line with God’s directive for us.

Much can be accomplished with dedicated generosity and the positive outcomes of philanthropy reverberate throughout the community and touch many lives. The incredible benefits of planned giving, personally and for a business, resonate far deeper than monetary gain and notoriety. Effective contributions can set up a foundation for on-going support and truly affect change for decades to come. The key is to focus on the group or organization receiving the donations. Tony Amaradio notes that with humility and foresight all Christian businesses can set up a simple system for community programs. Partnering with people who help the less fortunate brings a sense of pride and joy to a workplace and builds a strong foundation of fellowship. Leading by example, and following the teachings of God, a decisive management team implements charitable tactics as a regular business practice, sharing in the achievements of the company.

Tony Amaradio is an innovative expert in the financial services industry. As founder and CEO of Select Portfolio Management he assists companies and individuals in maintaining a Christian approach to money and budgeting based on biblical teachings. Adapting effective investment strategies to benefit the ministry of philanthropy, Mr. Amaradio provides guidance in financial asset management for non-profit organizations and Christian businesses. Devoted to God and actively involved in charitable causes, he also hosts a popular news talk radio show and is a sought after public speaker and author. 

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