Tony Amaradio on Faith Influencing Business Decisions

Faith has influenced the business decisions of many accomplished entrepreneurs. Some of them include John Tyson (Tyson Foods), Truett Cathy (Chick-fil-A), Sam Walton (Walmart), and John Willard Marriott (Marriott Hotels). In 1905, German sociologist Max Weber published a seminal book in which he argued that the Protestant work ethic facilitated the rise of modern capitalism in Northern Europe as it prompted many people to pursue success and prosperity in the secular world. Over the following decades, scholars began examining more actively the relation between religion and business ethics, most of them concluding that the values and principles underlying the major global religions can be integrated into business practices with highly positive outcomes. Despite their differences, these belief systems invariably promote hard work, integrity, compassion, and social responsibility, all of which are values that have grown tremendously in importance over the last 20 years. Financial expert and published author whose book, Faithful with Much: Breaking Down the Barriers to Generous Giving, is now available on Amazon in Kindle, Hardcover, and Paperback formats, Tony Amaradio is convinced that religion can be a force for good in the business sphere, as demonstrated by his own professional success and personal achievements.

Some scholars have argued that religion-based business ethics is a concept irrelevant to non-believers and inapplicable in the secular corporate world. However, faith can still have a positive impact since it introduces universal values which help build inclusive, motivated, and empathetic work environments, Tony Amaradio points out. Corporate social responsibility (CSR), for example, has become one of the principal policy issues in modern business, and its origin can be traced back to the philanthropic activities of the first American tycoons. Charitable giving and community support are endeavors promoted by all major religions, along with values such as tolerance, diligence, and the pursuit of personal betterment. Devout business leaders get inspiration from their beliefs, prioritizing sustainability, equal opportunity, fair treatment, and fitting rewards for contribution. Companies run by such people tend to have fiercely loyal employees and are held in high regard, both by the public and their competitors.

One study in particular revealed the positive influence of faith (in this case, Christianity) on business ethics, indicating that spiritual values remain strong within the younger generations although they may be wary of accepting religious labels. Jenny Main and Emily Lean of Union University focused on Millennials, who are expected to comprise 75% of the global workforce by 2025. As the report notes, this generation is strongly entrepreneurial, but the desire to succeed does not come at the cost of sacrificing morality and personal values. “Christian Millennials are engaging the business world from a perspective entirely different from their forefathers, a behavior common among this individualistic generation […] They are not interested in work for work’s sake but rather concern themselves more with charity work, social responsibility, and increasing consumer value. As far as this group seems to be concerned, people come first, then profit.” The authors write in the concluding part of their report, “Of all the groups compared, Christians and non-Christians had the greatest significant difference in their means on the work values and work ethic portions of the survey […] [The] numbers seem to support the idea that religion has a noticeable influence on work ethic for this generation.”

Financial expert and dedicated philanthropist Tony Amaradio is the founder and leader of Select Portfolio Management Inc and Select Money Management Inc, where he employs an innovative integrated strategy to maximize results for clients. Following the receipt of a BBA from the University of Michigan and an MBA from the University of Detroit, he commenced his career in the financial services industry, developing his talent over time to garner a stellar reputation and become recognized as a visionary and an inspirational leader. He and his wife Carin are passionate supporters of charitable causes and are often invited to speak at events hosted by non-profit organizations, many of which rely on his expertise to optimize their capacities and thus improve their effectiveness.

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