Tony Amaradio, Author of Faithful with Finances, Is Proudly Supporting Elevation Growth Partners

Tony Amaradio is the founder of two major financial companies, Select Portfolio Management, Inc. and Select Money Management, Inc. He is also highly admired for his unique abilities to manage assets and well-respected for his devotion to charity. Having created one of the first comprehensive models for wealth management, his knowledge on the subject has made him a frequent guest speaker at nonprofit organizations where he openly shares technical advice and assists major donors in becoming more effective philanthropists. It is because of his passion for developing faith-based businesses that Tony Amaradio Is proud to support the efforts of Elevation Growth Partners in their endeavors.

Elevation Growth Partners is lead by Tim Gunsolley, whose more than 20 years of experience in non-profit executive management is the basis for his inspirational work. Motivated by the prospect of connecting ministries with funding needs to major benefactors, Gunsolley is a tireless force in donor development and executive coaching. Under his guidance, the firm has established a rock-solid history and stellar reputation for its abilities in strategic development that supports seminaries, evangelical associations, children’s charities and many others in their aim to leverage and optimize their under-utilized assets. Gunsolley is aided by Karl Schaller, who brings his equally impressive and extensive knowledge to the team, having launched several national best-selling products and brands while honing his expertise in integrated marketing, strategic planning, as well as brand and product development.

Tony Amaradio believes that Elevation Growth Partners’ three-step expansion process is built on sound principles and a true desire to support philanthropic efforts. By discovering the innate strengths of the ministries they serve, the company begins its work by analyzing the client’s brand, discovering its specific objectives and planning for the best and most cost-effective possible outcome; understanding that this is not a one-size-fits-all process, they tailor each strategy to the individual client. The preparation stage follows with a 1000-day plan, where donor analytics are used to create a case statement and an expertly drafted summary. In the final stage, Elevation Growth Partners executes the plan, working efficiently and effectively to achieve the greatest practical and spiritual impact. Depending on the situation, multiple promotions are often enacted at this point, including mass donor and major donor direct campaigns, and energies are focused on reaching out to appropriate foundations and grants. Driven by a commitment to build powerful relationships with all parties involved, the consulting team provides wise and honest counsel so that ministries may overcome the challenges of operating a non-profit.

Tony Amaradio is a visionary and innovator in the financial services industry. With a career that began over 35 years ago after completing an MBA with a concentration in both taxation and finance, Mr. Amaradio eventually founded his own firm. Since that time, he has faithfully served clients and gained a reputation of delivering “best in class” service. A nationally known speaker, he is also a public figure in Southern California after hosting “Market Talk,” his own daily financial talk radio show that aired for more than twenty years. Mr. Amaradio has persistently followed his wish to dedicate a third of his time to charitable work, and documented this welcoming approach to philanthropy with his wife Carin in their book, Faithful with Much” – Breaking Down the Barriers to Generous Giving.

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