Tony Amaradio — Encourages Financial Stewardship in the New Year

Tony Amaradio, financial analyst, is encouraging for more stewardship in the new year. Nowadays, when people are struggling to make ends meet, having a financial plan is more important than ever. Finances and economic situations have changed, even for those who had never felt tough times in the past. Amaradio is concerned as money issues account for 22% of divorces in North America, and is determined to educate individuals about the importance of financial stewardship and the keys to achieving it, since he himself started out from an unprivileged background.

According to Amaradio, “effective stewardship starts with everyday spending, something that can be harder than it seems at first sight.” By embracing this, individuals can get one step closer to wise budgeting, avoid disagreements on financial matters, and potentially increase their belief in God. Based on his own experience as a faithful Christian, husband, and a successful businessman, Amaradio explains that conflicts surrounding decisions can be eliminated through protecting others, leading to harmony within marriages and families. The Chief Strategist also highlights five keys to how to achieve this.

First, it is essential to define a mission statement outlining specific values, aims, and goals. The next step is implementing a plan and creating a budget to meet those objectives. In his groundbreaking handbook about financial stewardship, Faithful with Much: Breaking Down the Barriers to Generous Giving, which he co-authored with his wife, Carin, Tony Amaradio advises on retirement planning, debt management, investment, insurance, college planning, and more. The third key to this success is developing a balanced, Christian life based on the belief that financial strength begins with spiritual health. “Stewardship is about understanding the brief nature of possessions,” states Amaradio. By appreciating that belongings are temporary, while God’s love is infinite, individuals may achieve protection through responsibility.

The fourth element is to save more, thus being able to give more, and ultimately becoming better examples for society. This may be achieved through several strategies that include allocating funds appropriately, financial planning, investment diversification, and tax-advantaged charitable giving. The fifth key is for people to review their current plan, updating it based on their changing needs annually. This would allow those to remain in full control of their expenses. Amaradio suggests that gathering, analyzing, closely monitoring relevant data, and regularly reviewing goals, is an essential part of this stage. To help Christians thrive and achieve financial stewardship, Amaradio provides a program named “Faithful with Finances”. It offers guidance and important tools to both individuals and churches who help them achieve optimized results.

Tony Amaradio is the Founder and Chief Strategist of two major companies: Select Portfolio Management, Inc. and Select Money Management, Inc. Amaradio started his career after he graduated from University of Michigan with a BBA and then the University of Detroit, receiving an MBA with a concentration in Finance and Taxation. For over thirty years, Tony Amaradio has been assisting clients in establishing, planning, and managing assets, offering services that include the design, implementation, and proactive monitoring of their portfolios. He is a highly sought-after speaker for events, in which he is invited to talk all over the country. Tony Amaradio dedicates time and donates considerable amounts of his income to philanthropic causes, such as the charitable ministry Joni and Friends. Faithful with Much: Breaking Down the Barriers to Generous Giving, is a handbook that educates individuals on how to achieve effective financial stewardship.

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