Tony Amaradio Praises the Goals of Mission of Harvest Christian Fellowship

Tony Amaradio, financial expert, is one of the many who admire the mission of Pastor Greg Laurie at Harvest Christian Fellowship, “To Know God and make Him known“. The mission gathered 15,000 followers in its 3 decades of existence, and has a significant impact on the non-profit religious sector.

Both Mr. Amaradio and Pastor Laurie are authors, in addition to being drawn to the benefits of financial stewardship. The two men are also both veteran radio talk show personalities, Mr. Amaradio was the host of daily “Market Talk” sessions for two decades, and Pastor Laurie for the nationally syndicated radio show – “A New Beginning” – heard globally by over 800 markets.

Tony Amaradio‘s dedication to philanthropic causes is especially appreciated by charities he works with for his valuable financial advice. In his work with high profile clients, he discovered that the financial industry lacked a comprehensive wealth management program integrating comprehensive holistic planning. Mr. Amaradio immediately set to work, consulting a circle of carefully-chosen experts in each area to develop a unique management model. Designed to preserve wealth and amplify impacts of philanthropic contributions with benefits for both donors and recipients, Mr. Amaradio developed what has become known as his “Legacy Model.” Cited in a June, 2015 article on YAHOO! Finance, this innovative approach to investing delivers advanced strategies in effective stewardship with a scope that encompasses every significant aspect of wealth. Deepening the strategy, Mr. Amaradio acknowledged the concept that wealth is entrusted to man by God, and as such, belongs to Him, providing good reason to be generous with gifts to charitable causes.

Together with his wife Carin, the couple underscores their support of organizations like Harvest Christian Fellowship by pouring forth their combined professional expertise. Authoring helpful guidance in their book, “Faithful with Much: Breaking down the Barriers to Generous Giving,” the couple dovetails rich reserves of faith with abundant material wealth, offering advice on the often conflicting path from achieving wealth to discovering spiritual reward. The book traces a personal journey, helping others to understand God’s intent regarding prosperity and assisting with proven strategies that have served a distinguished clientele for three decades.

Coming from a humble background without privilege, Tony Amaradio earned a BBA degree at the University of Michigan, followed by an MBA at the University of Detroit, quickly receiving attractive offers from top global corporations. Turning instead to the financial sector, his brilliant star shone with purpose after starting his own firm. Giving back to deserving charities was a natural response that his financial success enabled. Today, inspiring through speaking engagements and personal example, he encourages would-be donors follow his lead. He continues to support and align with deserving causes like Harvest Christian Fellowship, promoting philanthropic action and challenging all to give, while ensuring each gift achieves more than previously thought possible.

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